Species Mole-like race
Gender N/A
Homeworld Mt. Rugged
Keelhaul Key
Downtown of Crag
Portrayed by N/A
First Appearance Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario
Gaminglogo Paper Mario Wiki

Whackas are a race of blue mole-like creatures that inhabit Mt. Rugged in Paper Mario, the shore of Keelhaul Key in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and near Downtown of Crag in Super Paper Mario. Whacking a Whacka on the head results in a Whacka's Bump which is a very valuable, edible item. The rarity and valueability of the item has caused the Whacka species to become endangered.

Hitting a Whacka about eight times will cause it to disappear for the rest of the game.


Paper MarioEdit

A Whacka can be encountered in Paper Mario at Mt. Rugged. At some point in the game, the Whacka will send Parakarry a letter stating that he dreams of flying one day.

Paper Mario: The Thousand -Year DoorEdit

Another Whacka appears at the shore of Keelhaul Key in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door near the exit of Pirate's Grotto.

According to Wonky, there is currently one surviving member of the Whacka species. However this may be false.

Super Paper MarioEdit

Near Downtown of Crag, a Whacka can be encountered in Super Paper Mario. If the player makes the Whacka disappear, a Cragnon named Norite will appear where the Whacka would originally pop up. She claims that she was friends with it.

Paper Mario (Nintendo 3DS)Edit

It is unknown whether that a Whacka will appear or not in the upcoming Paper Mario for the Nintendo 3DS but it is very likely that one will considering the appearance of the species in every Paper Mario game so far.

Tattle InformationEdit

Paper MarioEdit

He's a Whacka. When you hit Whackas, they get Bumps that fall off. I heard that they're yummy. You know, I'm not normally into hitting Whackas, but once I heard of their tasty Bumps... I got the urge to whack' em.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year DoorEdit

That's a rare Whacka. I don't think you see many of his kind anymore, nope. If you whack a Whacka, they drop a Whacka Bump. Those are supposed to be delicious. They fetch a high price in gourmet auctions, too. Yup, super-precious delicacies. Still, whacking a defenseless creature to get one... You'd never do that, right, Mario?

Catch Card InformationEdit

Card Type: Rare

Description: This odd guy sprouts pastries when whacked on the head. Sadly, his kind is on the verge of extinction. Please headwhack in moderation.

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コブロン


A Pun on "Kobu" (meaning Bump)


  • A Whacka's name comes from the popular game, "Whack-A-Mole", where the player has to hit a mole with a mallet that sprouts from a hole with a hammer.