This page contains VG Wiki's guidelines and principles that every Wikian who joins must abide by. If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask an experienced Wikian or the creator ISodium.


The general rule for page and layout here is simply: what looks good and best.


It is acceptable to use information from sources, like Wikipedia and other Wikia wikis, but any information taken must be accompanied by a link to the source page. Please do not "copy-and-paste" information directly from a source as it is unacceptable to plagiarize content. All existing pages with plagiarized content should be rewritten immediately.

Rumors and Speculation

Information obtained from rumors or from speculation are not acceptable as VG Wiki is a place for official information exclusively. If rumors are present in articles then the article must state that the information is a rumor.

Unrelated Subjects

VG Wiki is a wiki for video game information and video game-related information only, nothing other than this should be posted to the wiki. Please take unrelated discussion elsewhere.


Fan-Fiction does not belong on VG Wiki and it is recommended that you take your fan-fiction to another site, like Fantendo. Fan-fiction, and all other types of fan-related media, are strictly limited to only userspace.


Vandalism is a serious matter on VG Wiki and isn't tolerated by administrator(s). If an user is caught excessively vandalizing pages, they can face the consequence of permanent deletion from the wiki.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.