Species Sheep
Gender Male (presumably)
Homeworld Artisans Homeworld
(Level: Toasty)
First Appearance Spyro the Dragon
Latest Appearance n/a

Toasty is one of Gnasty Gnorc's henchmen and the boss of the Artisans Homeworld. He resides in the boss realm of the same name. Toasty is, at first, depicted as a giant scarecrow with a pumpkin head and wielding a scythe. However, it is later revealed towards the end of the battle that he is actually a sheep on stilts.

Strategy Edit

101px-Real Toasty

Toasty's true form.

Toasty will only attack Spyro once all the dog(s) in the room are eliminated. If the dogs are left alone, Toasty will run away from Spyro if he comes too close. Attack Toasty will a flame of fire and then he will flee into another room. Then do the same and then it will reveal that he is a sheep on stilts. Do the same thing and you will have beaten him.