Species Mutated Rats
Gender presumably all males
Homeworld Wumpa Island
Portrayed by Tom Kenny
First Appearance Crash of the Titans
Latest Appearance Crash: Mind Over Mutant
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Ratnician are henchmen of Doctor Neo Cortex in Crash of the Titans and are former henchmen of Cortex in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. They seem to be scientists since they wear lab coats and can be found carrying test tubes and beakers filled with chemicals. However, their appearance is changed greatly in Crash: Mind Over Mutant and resemble hobos.

Crash of the Titans Edit

Ratnicians appear throughout the first four levels of the game as the main common enemy. They roam the island and can be heard talking before they see Crash and attempt to attack him.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant Edit

Ratnicians appear in Mind Over Mutant as minions of N. Gin and no longer minions of Cortex, even though they are seen in cutscenes with a more Crash of the Titans-like appearance. Ratnicians are castaways and appear almost everywhere throughout the game until mission 20 where they are replaced by Slap-Es.

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