Species Robot
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Homeworld N/A
Portrayed by N/A
First Appearance Cave Story
Latest Appearance Cave Story+
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Quote is a robotic soldier and the main protagonist of the freeware game, Cave Story. Quote was built to resemble a human boy. Despite being a machine, Quote and Curly Brace have emotions.


Ten years ago, Quote and Curly Brace were sent to the Floating Island during the conflict over the Demon Crown. They were sent to the island to destroy the Demon Crown rather than claim it, unlike other robots sent. By the time they found the crown, a human had already found first and unleashed its power. The two robots wounded the human but were eventually defeated and incapacited for ten years.


Cave StoryEdit

During the events of Cave Story, Quote wakes up to find himself with complete amnesia. Quote wanders into the Mimiga Village and learns of the current conflict with The Doctor, the current bearer of the Demon Crown.