Pokédex 3D
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Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Pokémon series
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date June 6, 2011
Mode(s) Single-Player
Price Free
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Pokédex 3D is a free Nintendo 3DS Download title that was released with the Nintendo eShop. The game lets the player view Pokémon and their Pokédex information. The game features 153 officially revealed Generation V Pokémon. It is not a main game, but a spin-off.

Gameplay Edit

At first, you start out with sixteen Pokémon and you can obtain more through the use of SpotPass, QR codes, or by trading data with friends. With SpotPass, three random entries a day can be added. The game also uses augmented reality to insert Pokémon into photos from the 3DS's camera.


In late January, Iwata announced that Nintendo was working on "various projects" for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS regarding the Pokémon franchise.

President of Nintendo of Japan Satoru Iwata later reconfirmed the game, saying the following:

Naturally, we expect 3D viewing to become one of the attractions when the new Pokémon title is released on Nintendo 3DS, but a number of other attractions, which do not depend upon the 3D aspect, shall also be realized. I have no hesitation about the prospect that a Pokémon-franchise title will be released for Nintendo 3DS.

Fans of the series speculated what the game will be about, wondering if it should be a main game like the recently released Black and White, or a spin-off like the classic Pokémon Snap. It turned out to be a spin-off.

Previous to the announcement of the game, rumors were floating around that the aforementioned "Pokémon Black and White" had some enhanced functionality when played on the 3DS though this was later proven false.

Japanese magazine "Dengeki" published an article stating that a new Pokémon game was in the works, which many fans believed was the 3DS game. The game was later revealed to be an unrelated Japan-only Pokemon arcade game.

Images were leaked from a Japanese magazine that feature Michael, the player character from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness' holding a Pokéball, surrounding him are screenshots of a 3DS showing what seems to be a Agate Village from Pokémon Colosseum. The images were confirmed to be fake. Evidence includes the fact that the beta, E3 Nintendo 3DS is seen, rather than the final design, and that the screenshots are directly ripped from the XD: Gale of Darkness game itself.

Another Japanese magazine, CoroCoro, stated that they would reveal full details of a new Pokémon game in their June 15th issue.

Pokédex 3D was officially announced on May 31st, 2011 as an app for the eShop that allows you to view Pokémon, as Iwata had said. And finally, a few days later, the game was released.

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