Nintendo World, formerly Nintendo Space World and Shoshinkai, is a video game trade show held by Nintendo. Usually at these shows, Nintendo unveils and shows off new consoles and handhelds. Unlike many other trade shows, Nintendo World isn't hosted annually. The show is usually is in Kyoto or Tokyo, Japan. At the 1995 Shoshinkai show, games in two of Nintendo's most familiar series were unveiled to the public, along with a short test of the Nintendo 64 console; Zelda 64, the working title for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 was near finished and was soon due for release. Zelda OOT, however, was not to release for another three years, due to delays of both in-game development and hardware (delays with the Nintendo 64DD).

During the 2000 Space World, a compilation trailer of Nintendo licenses running on GameCube hardware excited many fans. Some games revealed then were Luigi's Mansion, Metroid Prime, Meowth's Party, Super Mario 128, and The Legend of Zelda 128. At the 2001 Space World, Nintendo featured the then recently released Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Although Nintendo's console, Revolution (the development name for the Wii), was officially unveiled at the 2006 E3, Nintendo held a Nintendo World 2006 later that year that showcased the Wii and Nintendo DS.

Nintendo World 2011 was later held in Tokyo from the 8th-10th of January 2011. The company gave the specific details on the Japanese launch of the Nintendo 3DS at this exhibition.

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