G Overkill
Species Human
Gender Male
Homeworld n/a
Portrayed by Casey Robertson (HotD3)
First Appearance The House of the Dead
Latest Appearance The House of the Dead: Overkill
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G is an AMS agent from The House of the Dead series. So far, G has made appearances in all of the main The House of the Dead games. His real name, age, and nationality are unknown and G was previously hinted to be a cyborg but this is now unlikely. G chronologically first appears in The House of the Dead: Overkill and chronologically last appears in The House of the Dead 3.

The House of the DeadEdit

G appears in the first House of the Dead as one of the main playable characters. His partner, Thomas Rogan and himself both are sent to investigate the Curien Mansion on December 18th, 1998. They are sent because of a distress signal sent by Sophie Richards, Rogan's fincanee. The two explore the mansion defeating countless hordes of zombie-like mutations including the Chariot, the Hangedman, the Hermit, and Curien's masterpiece, the Magician.

The House of the Dead 2Edit

In 2000, G is sent to invest the head of the DBR Corporation, Caleb Goldman. He sets up a meeting in a library in Venice, Italy, however Goldman releases his army of zombies into the streets. G is found by fellow AMS agents, James and Gary, severely injured in the library. G hands them files on the enemy before James and Gary set off.

The House of the Dead 3Edit

G and Lisa Rogan, in the year 2019, search for Lisa's father, Thomas Rogan, in an abandoned DBR Facility. They encounter many zombies and freaky monsters. Daniel Curien takes G's place for the final battle against the Wheel of Fate, a resurrected form of Dr. Roy Curien.

The House of the Dead 4 SpecialEdit

G teams up with Katie Green in The House of the Dead 4 Special and trys to uncovered "The Source". They battle their way through zombies in the city to the underground lab. They later face a resurrected/clone of the Magician. In one of the House of The Dead 4 endings, G revisited the site where James sacrificed himself to defeat The World saying that he has found the Source. This scene is shown with his HoTD III model in Special (which is released after HoTD 4 and takes place only hours after), he is shown wearing his trademark suit. Sega probably retconned with Special that G was wearing his suit instead.

The House of the Dead: OverkillEdit

G's first mission after graduating from the AMS academy is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of people in Bayou City in Louisiana. He teams up with Detective Issac Washington in this installment. In this game, his overall character has changed considerably (possibly because he's in his younger days. He still wears black clothing but now sports sunglasses. His personality is more witty with a snappy voice to accompany it.